Have you ever gone to your local veterinarian and waited for an hour to be seen? Have you left the office without a thorough understanding of your pet’s disease or treatment? Have you ever felt like just another client, just a number?

What makes our service different from any other local veterinary hospital or clinic? We do things our way, and aim to treat you and your pet as we would our own family. We keep it small. We keep it simple. We feel that each and every visit should have ample time to discuss any and all issues that an owner and their pet may be having. We find that counseling owners about health choices like diet, exercise, dental care, laboratory screening, etc. is crucial to maintaining good health throughout a pet’s life. Certainly, if a pet is ill, there is more to discuss, and almost certainly will take longer. We feel that communication and education take time, and cannot be rushed.

Because we strive to treat each client and pet as a family member, we feel it is prudent to limit the number of families that we service, so that each can get the individualized attention they deserve.

Veterinary clinics are located everywhere, just like banks and hair salons. Finding and choosing the right veterinary clinic for your pet can seem difficult. Most people stay at a practice where they feel valued, cared for, and have their pet’s needs met. Our mission is to provide a true “family” experience, where our clients are not just clients and our patients are not just patients.

The ultimate goal of our project is to forsake the developing practice of maximizing profit, minimizing the doctor’s time with patients, and practicing “fast food medicine.” Instead we focus our energy on providing supreme individualized and personalized care to the elite families that we serve. This will ultimately work in favor for the doctor(s) and staff of the clinic, as this approach to medicine will allow for a more relaxed pace and will allow for a much more thorough medical work up.

Meet our house cats! Juanita, Zapeesh, Cheese, Emma, Bella, Sexy Orange Man, Wharf Rat, and of course our long-time chicken, “Chicken-Licken”.
They will be happy to greet you when you come in!
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