About Us

Please call our office to find out if we are currently accepting new clients


Have you ever gone to your local veterinarian and waited for an hour to be seen? Have you left the office without a thorough understanding of your pet’s disease or treatment? Have you ever felt like just another client, just a number?

What makes our service different from any other local veterinary hospital or clinic? We do things our way, and aim to treat you and your pet as we would our own family. We keep it small. We keep it simple. We feel that each and every visit should have ample time to discuss any and all issues that an owner and their pet may be having. We find that counseling owners about health choices like diet, exercise, dental care, laboratory screening, etc. is crucial to maintaining good health throughout a pet’s life. Certainly, if a pet is ill, there is more to discuss, and almost certainly will take longer. We feel that communication and education take time, and cannot be rushed.

Because we strive to treat each client and pet as a family member, we feel it is prudent to limit the number of families that we service, so that each can get the individualized attention they deserve.

Veterinary clinics are located everywhere, just like banks and hair salons. Finding and choosing the right veterinary clinic for your pet can seem difficult. Most people stay at a practice where they feel valued, cared for, and have their pet’s needs met. Our mission is to provide a true “family” experience, where our clients are not just clients and our patients are not just patients.


Dear prospective clients,
Welcome to Our Family Veterinary Services! We specialize in individualized care for small animals. This is a SINGLE doctor practice. One advantage of a single doctor practice is that you will see the same doctor every time. One disadvantage is that there is only one doctor to see all of the patients. We have included some information below so that you may find helpful before you decide if we are the right practice for you and your pet.

We strive to provide individualized care to each pet (and their owners), and to get to build a strong relationship with each family we provide services to.

Please keep in mind that generally we book out 2-3 weeks in advance for appointments with Dr. Siewko. Try to book ahead if you are planning on adding a new furry friend to your family.

Please note that we are a Monday-Friday practice only. We also do not offer on-call services or house-call services at this time. Our hours are 9 AM-6 PM on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri, and 9 AM-1 PM on Wednesdays. Since we are not available on the weekends, your pet may need to be seen at a nearby referral hospital in the event of an emergency when we are closed.

Our Family Veterinary Services does expect to see your pet once a year for his or her annual exam. This policy is in place for both cats & dogs. If we do not see your pet for a year or more you do risk your pet being inactivated in our system. Email reminders will be sent for upcoming visits and vaccinations, and phone reminders can be made if email is not preferred.

Same day Sick appointments- We do understand unexpected illnesses that may arise. We reserve a number of “same day/sick appointments” daily. If one is needed, please call the office when we open at 9:00 AM to see if any appointments are available.  We do our best to accommodate our active clients: however, there are days when we might have to refer you out to one of the nearby 24-hour emergency hospitals due to limited spaces being available.

Please let us know if you know your pet is “opinionated” or notoriously hard to handle before the time of your visit! We will love them anyway! We just want to keep everyone safe, and need to take precautions to make the visit as thorough as possible. Also, please let us know if they do not do well with other dogs or cats (as we have several house cats that free roam the clinic).

Prescriptions- Please give us 24-hr notice for medication refills.
If there is a new or severe medical issue with your pet, we CANNOT put up medications without seeing him or her first. Please book an appointment if needed.

Call backs- If you have non-emergency related questions regarding your pet and would like to receive a call back, please note it can take 1-2 days for a call back by our staff, though we do try to do all calls before leaving for the day.

As much as it is tempting to stop by with your pet when an issue arises in hopes of just chatting with the doctor, remember we have scheduled appointments or the vet may be taking a much-needed break in between appointments or getting caught up on phone calls & paperwork. Please be considerate and schedule an appointment. You can always call and leave a message with the front desk.

Payments are always expected at the time of your visit. While we do accept pet insurance, we do not offer payment plans.

We are always doing our best on accepting new clients and patients to our practice. There may be times when we cannot take on new patients at a particular time. Our goal is to always be able to spend as much time as possible with your pet and give them the full attention they deserve!